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We have one mission statement
Create products to make people feel great

We don’t join trends, we defy norms. We want the best supplements for ourselves and our customers; no fluff, just function.

It’s time to cut through the noise and Unlock Your Potential.




How We Are Different

Free of All Major Allergens
100% Plant Based Ingredients
Free of Pesticide Residue & Preservatives
Commitment to Quality & Sustainability
All Ingredients Sustainably Sourced
Environmentally Conscious Packaging
Less Plastic than a Screw Top Jar
Less Plastic than a Resealable Zipper Pouch with a Scoop

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Ashley Williams

“I am overjoyed to have Potential Power Nutrition to offer my patients for top quality nutrition products in a market full of gimmicks. The breakfast blend is easy, convenient and takes all the guess work out of getting the proper form of each nutrient. I drink it myself and it has helped me maintain my energy on even my busiest and most hectic days!”

Dr. Matt Fraczek-Syczyk

“The Breakfast Blend shake has been a great addition to my daily routine. It took me a couple weeks to transition into not taking my other vitamins, but now I take it every day. I notice I don’t have nearly as many cravings for sweets and I stay full for longer throughout the day.”

Dr. Erica Callahan

“The Breakfast Blend Shake from Potential Power is the best nutritional shake I have encountered in the many years I have been practicing nutrition. The specific formula is ideal with regards to dosage for patients of all ages and each nutrient is in optimal absorbable form. It also tastes great!”

Dr. Crystal Gullo-Buzzetti

“The allergen free and high-quality ingredients of the Breakfast Blend shake make it the perfect daily high-protein multi-vitamin for my pregnancy patients. It’s especially convenient for those experiencing “morning sickness”, giving a source of gentle nutrition during those difficult times.”

Dr. Andrew Sorensen

“This is one of the highest quality nutritional beverages on the market which helps my patients fire on all cylinders. The breakfast blend is one of my core supplements that my wife and I drink on a regular basis so that we can conquer each day by nourishing our bodies even when we are short on time.”

Dr. Adrienne Zulkoski

“This is such a great product! My patients love how easy it is for them to get proper nutrition, especially when they’re on the go!”