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Education is Part of Who We Are

We set out to innovate and improve the nutrition landscape, bringing new products to market that were simple to use, had a transparent label of ingredients, and actually produced effective results.  This mission came, however, with a very important side quest; Education.

The world is full of gimmicks and fad diets, overnight weight loss, and magic bullet products.  From year to year, the industry is constantly telling you what you should or shouldn’t be consuming, and it seems to be a moving target.  We know that as a consumer, it can feel absolutely overwhelming to even know where to start.

The good news; we have a team of people who have dedicated their life to this stuff.  They love reading the newest articles, combing through the data, and deciphering the latest trends.  Dr. Balliett has always said, “My primary focus is consumer health outcomes” and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Find some of our latest videos, podcasts, and articles linked below.

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Potential Power Nutrition
In this 3 part series, Dr. Mary Balliett uses the Nutrients, Ingredients, & Benefits pages from our website to talk about Why we created Breakfast Blend, What we put in it and How we think its going to change the market forever.
Breaking down Breakfast Blend’s Nutrition Facts: Guide Breakdown with Dr. B
The Benefits of a Total Metabolic Support product: of Breakfast Blend
Breakfast Blend’s 10 Simple Ingredients: Simple Ingredients
Potential Power Nutrition
Dr. Mary Balliett joins Dr. Kim Carozzi and Host James Scofield on their “From Burnout to Belonging” podcast to discuss how burnout effects your body, and the top 3 ways to combat stress through your nutrition.
Feeling Fatigue? You NEED to do these 3 things! 9/7/2023: burnout2belonging_Season2_Episode9
Important Nutritional Needs to Combat Burnout and Stress! 6/29/2023: burnout2belonging_Season2_Episode0
Potential Power Nutrition
Dr. Mary Balliett and Dr. Erica Callahan dig into what kids require in their diets, and how PPN’s Breakfast Blend is helping parents meet those needs.
Why Kids and their Parents Love the Breakfast Blend Shake: – Breakfast Blend in Pediatrics
Potential Power Nutrition
Dr. Mary Balliett joins Dr. Khanita Suvarnasuddhi on her “Araya Holistic Pain Management Healthcast” to cover holistic health, macronutrients, prenatal health, etc.
Nourishing Life: Unraveling the Essentials of Macronutrients, Prenatal Health and Beyond! 9/18/2023: Nourishing Life: Unraveling the Essentials of Macronutrients, Prenatal Health and Beyond! – YouTube
Prenatal Nutrition 101: Maximizing Health with Macronutrients!  8/4/2023: Prenatal Nutrition 101: Maximizing Health with Macronutrients! – YouTube
Dr. B’s background & inspiration for getting into the fields of biochemistry, nutrition, & chiropractic and her reasons for starting Potential Power Nutrition. 8/26/2022: – Ep.12 Nutrition
Potential Power Nutrition
Dr. Mary Balliett joins Dr. Beth Westie on her “The Female Health Solution Podcast” to talk about her journey into the health and nutrition industry, her inspiration to create the Breakfast Blend shake, and what other women can be eating and doing to age vibrantly.
How to Age Vibrantly: The Female Health Solution Podcast: 541. How to Age Vibrantly with Dr. Mary Balliett


Potential Power Nutrition
Sleep disorders are estimated to affect 50 to 70 million Americans and are linked to adverse health, safety, economic and quality of life consequences.  Additionally, insufficient sleep is associated with diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression.  Join Dr. B as she covers the impacts of food, hormones and routine and some ways to support falling asleep and staying asleep.
The Importance of Sleep:
Potential Power Nutrition
Study of data from 25,000 women finds at least 32% have a pelvic floor disorder and so we can take comfort that many of us are “not alone.” In this video, Dr. B covers the signs & symptoms of PFD, the anatomy of the pelvic floor, and some body work and home exercises that you can do to improve pelvic function.
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:
Potential Power Nutrition
Chances are, you either personally deal with, or know someone close to you that deals with anxiety or depression on a regular basis. There’s no easy fix, but it is possible to identify, and try to counter these moods. In this video, Dr. B covers: The 5 patterns of imbalance and what foods/supplements can balance them out.
Food & Mood:
Potential Power Nutrition
50% of women and 30% of men over 50 don’t get enough protein in their diet, leading to muscle pain and loss of bone health.  Dr. B explains the latest literature on how much protein our bodies require and some tips on how to get enough in your diet.
50% of Women are Protein Deficient:
Potential Power Nutrition
We all have our off days where we didn’t get enough sleep, but for many people, that’s become and every day occurrence. More than 12 % of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime, and of them, around 60% are unaware of their condition. In this video, Dr. B covers possible causes of fatigue, the role of the thyroid in energy production, dietary changes needed to support each type of thyroid disease, and how to get back to your Optimal Self.
How to Support my Metabolism & Stop Feeling Tired:
Potential Power Nutrition
Many people today are on at least one prescription or over-the-counter medication, and side effects are not uncommon. The source of most of these side effects: Nutrient Depletion. Dr. B covers the most common medications, their side effects, and how someone can counter those effects with what they eat.
How do I Reduce Side Effects from Medicine I Need to Take:
Potential Power Nutrition
Approximately 40% of Americans have the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) that leads to the gene defect MTHFR.  Join Dr. B as she covers what a gene defect is, why MTHFR is important, and what diseases you’re at risk for if you have the defect.
MTHFR: What is It and What do I Need to Know:

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