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Our reviews are why we make products we love, to hear the feedback from customers on how our products are helping them live healthier lives.

“I have used plenty of proteins, and PPN is the best.  When you consider the protein, fiber, AND all the vitamins, this product is a no brainer. I will definitely be buying again; you’ve got something special here!”


“Good stuff! My wife and I have taken this daily for about a month now.  We’re very happy with the product, and the packaging is pretty neat too!  Will definitely be purchasing again.”


“This shake is the best!  It mixes with water, which makes it so much more convenient than ones that need milk alternatives.  The chocolate flavor is great and there’s no chalky aftertaste.  10/10 recommend!”


“These tasty shakes have made it much easier for me to avoid salty snacks while ensuring that I am supporting my health with vitamins & nutrients.  It’s so convenient to make one up fresh when I need a boost.”


“A GREAT breakfast drink.  Tasty and satisfying!  I use almond milk and sometimes add fruit or nut butter.  It’s delicious and filling and carries me well into the afternoon; wholeheartedly recommend it!”


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  • Elizabeth Freeman

    Best Product EVER

    Great taste AND great product! I always have been eating protein powders, but this one is so much better because of the vitamins and minerals! And I actually absorb the vitamins – I can tell because I have stopped taking any other supplements because I don’t need them when I’m eating this product

    My hair and nails are stronger and healthier than ever, and I have more energy and feel happier! Def start with the starter pack to get the full use of the shaker, but now I’ve switched to the regular packs (and even a subscription!)

  • abhawk007

    Best protein packet ever!!

    I am a long-time user of protein powders specially pea protein because I have a dairy allergy and this brand has some of the best tasting product Stright from the packet without having to add anything!!

  • kat28480

    Was given some to sample and I love it!

    I love this stuff! It’s creamy, filling, and low in calories, yet packed with vitamins. I love that fact that you can simply mix it with water, which makes it so easy to use on the go, without having to worry about a sour milk container at the end of the day.

  • Isabelle G

    Great Start To 2024!

    I enjoyed trying the blend earlier in 2023, but now I’m having it again to start a healthy habit in the new year. It is just as yummy as last time and made me feel better in the morning! I also will try mixing it into desserts to have healthier sweets. I am looking forward to continuing enjoying it, and to eventually try out the new flavor as well 🙂

  • cindydrake612

    Don't usually write reviews, but...

    Have been taking it for 6 months (!!) In the past have lost interest after a week at the most.
    1) convenient
    (LOVE the shaker)
    2) noticeable difference in hair
    (new growth + thicker)
    3) helped with winter
    4) tastes better than most
    products of this type
    5) fits my budget
    6) good customer service
    arrives in a few days
    7) LOVE that you can see the
    ingredients without a
    magnifying glass
    Thanks for making a really great product !! 🇺🇲 👍 💙 🇺🇲

  • Amy Alves

    Quick & Easy Nutrition

    I love this shake because it helps me get the nutrition I need and takes very little time and effort. I just mix it with water or my morning coffee and I am ready to have a productive day. The indigents are bio-available so I know I will have the essentials my body needs to stay active.
    I take it on vacation because it is so convenient, with the single serve packets and mixes with so many liquids well. Since it has all the vitamins and minerals I need, I can leave the vitamin (pills) at home. If you want to eat better, this is a great way to make sure you will actually do it.

  • Mohamed E

    More filling than other shakes!

    Great product, use it mostly after the gym. Complete with all vitamins necessary for optimal health

  • Nancy H

    I am very pleased with Potential Power Nutrition’s Breakfast Blend. The taste is rich chocolate (yum!) and the consistency is that of a good smoothy. I find that this drink will hold me well until even a late lunchtime, and with no gastric side effects. I am delighted to have found this nutritional beverage and will continue to rely on it for a good start to my morning.

  • Kerry K

    This is an amazing protein shake that I feel truly good about taking. Clean ingredients in the right amounts. I know the creator and she is hands down, one of the greatest healers I have ever met. She is also incredibly intelligent. She is a biochemistry and human anatomy teacher. She knows the chemistry that our bodies need, at a deep level. I’m a nutrition enthusiast and strive to only eat clean ingredients and this shake has it all. It has a great chocolate taste and blends well with milk, almond milk, even water! I love that it comes in individual packets so I can just grab one and go! When I travel, this is easy to bring with me. If it’s hard to find healthy food, this is an easy solution. I have one before workouts and I feel stronger and like I can last longer during my workouts. My favorite protein product on the market!!! Try some for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!!

  • Shirley

    Now part of my morning routine. I love having 90% of my supplements all in this drink. It makes is so easy. In the past I would skip days or even fall off of taking the many supplements I would take and now I don’t! Such a great idea to put everything in one drink! As for results, I have a stable sense of well-being and my hair grew in. Seriously. After taking Potential Power Nutrition for a month or two I was sitting in the chair at my hair dresser’s and noticed that I had baby hair in front. I mentioned it to her and she said, Yes! they are all over your head! I had to stop and think what changed and the only thing I could think of that made any sense was this drink. So, I am sold and very happy with it.

  • Julie

    These tasty shakes have made it much easier for me to avoid salty snacks while ensuring that I am supporting my health with vitamins and nutrients. It’s so convenient to make one up fresh when I need it, better than searching in the back of the fridge for a possibly expired store bought protein drink.

  • Scott Adams

    This is an excellent product for me. It replaces my normal breakfast (I have always loved a BIG breakfast) and was pleasantly surprised that I don’t feel hungry! Normal meals the rest of the day. I feel mentally my focus is better and physically my joints seem less grouchy-they are antiques after all.
    Mixing is a breeze and it tastes fine-I do prefer mixing with milk instead of water. I prefer the consistency as it gives the shake more body. I drink it with a slice of toast w/peanut butter and I am good to go for the morning.
    I’ve been using it since September 2022, and will continue to enjoy doing so!

  • Susan Adams

    I wasn’t sure about this before I started – not a huge shake fan – but I do want to improve my nutrition and health so I gave it a go. There was a noticeable difference in how I felt over all and how my joints felt within the first week. Increasing improvements over the next couple of weeks. A benefit that I was not expecting was the simplifying of my morning – a shake made with milk and a banana is my breakfast. No searching for options or cooking something or skipping. That breakfast fills me up and fuels my busy morning and I don’t have any hunger issues until at least noon – often later. The taste is completely acceptable – not ordering it with my dinner at a good restaurant – but good flavor. The chocolate is chocolatey and not chalky, no weird aftertaste like some can give you so the flavor is a definite win in my book. While not dramatic any longer like in the first couple of weeks, the benefits do continue with increased general well being. I continue to feel healthier and that was the overall goal. We are on our 3rd case – it is a keeper!

  • Paula

    I drink this every morning and it has really changed my diet. I used to always have indigestion after breakfast, which was quite uncomfortable. Drinking this also inspired me to change my diet throughout the day, even though I thought I was eating heathy foods. I lost 10 pounds in less than two months and I wasn’t even trying. Since I wasn’t hungry, I stopped small snacking The drink is a little sweet for me, and I still eat some dairy, so I add a little banana, some frozen blueberries, and a little yogurt. It is a full meal. YI enjoy it every morning, no grittiness or awful aftertaste, and I feel great for the rest of the day. Totally recommend.

  • Art

    A GREAT breakfast drink. Tasty and satisfying! I use almond milk and sometimes add fruit or nut butter. It’s delicious and filling and usually carries me well into the afternoon. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

  • Mary B

    I truly love this breakfast blend… It has all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs in one packet… It truly has changed the appearance of my skin, my energy, even inflammation… I can feel balance in my body… combine with healthy eating it is amazing!!!!

  • C.R.M. Farina

    I’m new to protein shakes but have been really impressed with the Breakfast Blend. It has all the nutrients I’ve been taking multiple supplements to get. When I consider all the things I’m no longer buying, and the quality of the ingredients, the price is definitely worth it. I will be a regular customer.

  • L

    This shake is the best! My favorite part is that it mixes with water, which makes it so much more convenient than ones that need milk or milk alternatives. The chocolate flavor is great and there is not chalky aftertaste like other shakes I’ve tried. 10/10 recommend!

  • Tommy Hodges

    I have used plenty of proteins over the last few years, and PPN is the best. When you consider the protein, plus fiber, AND all the vitamins, this product is a no brainer. I will definitely be buying again and be a regular customer, and will be telling everyone I know to get some as well. Keep it up guys, you got something special here!

  • Darien Boyette

    I’ve used a few protein powders and usually there is something off with one or two things in it for me. This protein powder is rich in flavor and has the perfect amount of sweetness to it. I like that the ingredients list isn’t a huge list of things and is very healthy. The shipping was incredibly fast about 2-3 days and it was at my doorstep. I will continue to buy this product and share with people I know!

  • Mark Alvarez

    I have used probably all the protein powders on the market. My current go to favorite is Optimum Nutritions chocolate protein powder. I hardly ever leave reviews because I’m the kind of guy where as long as it has protein in it the taste doesn’t matter. As a Marine you learn to just use what works and not give a crap about taste. If you’ve been to the field you know lol. PPN is on to something here as this is the FIRST time I have had a powder that actually tastes great and packs a blend of beneficial vitamins and proteins. The ingredients are about as clean as they get as well. I will be a recurring buyer of this blend and PPN has earned a loyal customer. Keep up the great work and look forward to using your products!

  • Anthony Scandariato

    The Breakfast Blend product is one of the best tasting meal replacement/protein shakes I have ever had. There is nothing on the market currently that matches the nutritional value and is actually a pleasure to consume. Whether using a blender, stirrer, shaker – the product tastes the same without any foam content. Would highly recommend!

  • Amanda

    This is the BEST tasting protein shake and/or meal replacement shake I have ever tasted. So pleased with all the absorbable vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep me going all day! If you are looking for a shake that provides excellent nutrition as well as keep you full all day then look no further.

  • Jonathan Dehors

    Excellent product!! The ingredients are in the proper quantities and forms for optimal absorption. The taste and texture are probably the best I’ve had in a protein shake. Highly recommend!!

  • Dr. Erica Callahan

    I have extensive professional training in biochemistry, human biology, and nutrition… I am ALWAYS looking for the “right” product to help feed my family. This breakfast blend protein supplement is the perfect formula. The vitamins and minerals are optimally dosed and in absorbable forms; I would absolutely recommend this product for children, adolescents, pregnant women, and all other ages!

    What is especially unique about this blend is that delicious taste from thoughtfully chosen, pure ingredients. My young girls LOVE the taste! I am very happy they daily choose this protein blend for their breakfast!

  • Bob Greenberg


  • Alex

    Good stuff! My wife and I have taken this daily for about a month now. We’re very happy with the product, and the packaging is pretty neat too! Will definitely be purchasing again.

  • Bobby

    I was skeptical at first, but my nutritionist was going on and on about how great this new product was and how if I tried it I would understand why everyone is saying great things about it. I am six days into my box, so far I’ve had less salty snack food cravings I feel less fatigued, and I feel like I’m in a better mood. I’ve been sleeping much better since I started taking this, I’ve tried a lot of different products from Z quil to melatonin to sleep melts, but I always feel groggy the next morning when I take a heavy duty sleep aid. This product seems to just put my body back into balance and I can finally sleep like I used to. I will definitely be telling my friends and family about this product.

  • Jennifer

    Such a smooth and delicious product! My doctor recommended this product, she showed me how the supplements in Breakfast Blend replace every supplement I was taking and it has protein and fiber to keep me full for the morning. I am not a big breakfast person, usually I just have my supplements and a cup of coffee. By replacing my supplements with this, I no longer get hungry before lunch and I feel like I can focus and be more productive at work. I’ve been taking supplements for years and I felt I had a good balance worked out with my doctor, but she explained how this product has better forms and a better balance of what I was already taking. I feel like I have more energy, my skin is looking better, I feel less fatigued; I feel 10 years younger after taking this product for only two weeks. I am definitely not going back to the pantry shelf of vitamins, I love Breakfast Blend.

  • Jane Mac

    Power nutrition is the best chocolate flavor I’ve tried with a creamy texture and deep rich flavor (a plus that its vegan). This shake gives me the nutritional support for post-menopausal muscle building — protein, vitamins, and minerals — so I don’t have to deal with a bunch of supplements every morning. The individual packets make it great for a quick protein morning fix or packing for travel. Personal favorite recipe: 1 protein shake packet, 1/2 c hemp milk, 1/4 c frozen cherries, 1 tsp chia seeds, 5 almonds, and ice, and blend.

  • Anthony

    This is an awesome product! I’m a young professional so I don’t have a lot of free time, but I do try to get the the gym most days because I like staying fit. I have had a problem with body acne since I was a teenager, I have a pretty solid routine worked out with various scrubs and cleansers but I still get breakouts. I don’t take a lot of supplements but I do take a pre-workout most days and I drink a protein shake or eat a protein bar after the gym, other than that I just try to eat a balanced diet. A family member tried this product and highly recommended it, so I gave it a try. I’m almost to the end of my first box and the two biggest things I noticed were my recovery post workout and my skin. I workout a lot so I’m used to that sore feeling after, but since I started taking this product I am less sore and I feel ready to get back to the gym faster than before. A few days in I started noticing that my skin seemed to be doing better, about a week in and I noticed it was definitely clearing up, as a test I cut back to just a basic body exfoliator and my skin has stayed clear and looks the best it has looked in the last 7 years. Maybe skin isn’t the biggest deal to some people, but when you’re like me with a skin care routine just to reach OK, finally having clear skin is the best feeling in the world. I just bought six boxes and I will be telling my friends about this product.

  • Robert

    I have tried a lot of protein shakes, usually not vegan because most of them taste like dirt, but I don’t take a lot of supplements typically. My wife loves this and so she bought me a box and convinced me to try it every day to see how I feel. I’m an older guy and I’ve led an active life, a few years ago I had a knee replaced, I take a handful of pills every day to manage aches and pains. I’ve taken it for a little over a week at this point and while I won’t say it is a miracle product, it certainly has given me back a level of comfort I haven’t had in years. Even with medication I still have a level of joint pain and tingling that never seems to go away. With this product it is significantly reduced to the point that I’m sleeping better and I’m able to get outside and enjoy things like gardening and hiking without feeling totally worn out after. I will definitely be buying this product again, the fact that it also tastes as good as any of the dairy protein shakes I’ve had in the past is a pleasant bonus.

  • Carlos Garcia

    Hands down, my favorite nutritional supplement. I feel noticeably stronger, healthier, clearer skin, better sleep, and overall have a happier mood after the 1st week of consuming this product daily. There is no doubt that this stuff is legitimately good for you. A full spectrum of vitamins/minerals daily is exactly what my body needed. I have a new level of focus and energy throughout the day and I couldn’t be more content with this product. To cap it off – it tastes amazing too. Wish I found this sooner. Bravo to PPN for making such an amazing product. Big Fan and returning customer here!

  • Patrice

    This is the best shake I’ve used. The flavor and texture are excellent, no unpleasant sweetener tang, no gritty, sandy feel in my mouth. I love that I don’t need to add a milk of some sort for it to feel and taste creamy. Most notable is how energized and full I feel when I have one for breakfast. I’ve never had this great an experience with a protein shake. Such a great way to start my day off with a good nutritional foundation and feel full and mentally and physically ready for the day.

  • Dr. Ashley Williams

    This is the best nutritional product I have seen on the market! I appreciate the transparency in the forms of the vitamins used. It works great for myself and so many of my patients because it’s vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and it tastes great! The Breakfast Blend is useful for everyone’s health and fitness goals and for the quality of this product, the price is incredible too! I have started using it to replace my morning coffee so I can finally kick my caffeine habit. I can’t lie, my first week without caffeine was rough, but now I am more energized than ever because my body is running on the nutrition it actually needs and not just crashing and burning after another caffeine fix. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fast, easy and effective way to improve their nutrition!

  • Brian Della Valle

    Excellent product! I love that it is Organic and it has ALL of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins I need for a day. Now I don’t need to buy SOO many bottles of vitamins and supplements. Its expensive and a LOT to manage. This blend makes my life easier and saves me money. I also trust the owner of the company. Mary has very high integrity, sources only the best ingredients and she has a passion for healing, helping and facilitating health. A health that is proactive vs reactive. Thank You for this wonderful product!

  • Kenneth D'Souza

    Being a Nutritionist the number one question I get asked is, what is the best protein mix/meal replacement I can take. Unfortunately it was difficult to recommend a full balanced product. However now I can honestly and confidently recommend the Breakfast Blend shake! Foods have changed so much in the past 30 years that it has become difficult to try to balance your nutritional needs on a daily basis. But thanks to products like this we can truly give our bodies a fighting chance against today’s number one nemesis, inflammation. 

  • Courtney Hancharik

    This is THE best protein powder I’ve tried so far! My body can’t handle whey protein, so I always look for pea protein. This is the smoothest pea protein I’ve found. Most others are gritty/sand-like but this mixes to a wonderful velvety texture with almond milk! The taste is on point too! A nice rich chocolate with a hint of cinnamon. I’ve been drinking it every morning after my daily walk with our dogs and I always look forward to it! The shake fills me up and I feel more energized for the rest of the day. Thank you for making such a great product that everyone can enjoy!

  • Crystal

    We have been using Breakfast Blend as a family now for 2 weeks, and in our office for pregnant patients for 2 weeks.

    The input has been wonderful. Patients are reporting feeling fuller and having more energy, finding it easier to get their daily multi without remembering a handful of pills, and less gassy babies for my breastfeeding parents!

    A ground breaking product!!

  • Richard

    Awesome Product! I’ve tried many supplement shakes, but this one is definitely the best tasting I’ve tried. I take it every morning and I feel great for the rest of the day. I’m definitely going to tell my friends and family about this, because it is far and away the best supplement shake I’ve ever had.

  • Zach

    This is my favorite powder I have ever used. It has everything in all of the active and absorbable forms. It’s safe, easy on my body, and it tastes DELICOUS! I always feel great after a breakfast blend shake