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About Us

We are a team of idealists.

We had this crazy dream of having a supplement company with the primary goal of making products that make people feel healthy and are manufactured in a way that doesn’t negatively impact our environment, and the secondary goal of making money. While that may not seem novel, look up the parent company of your favorite supplement brand and get back to us.

#2 Question, Why did we start with Breakfast Blend?

Because it’s a product for everyone.

  • It is hypoallergenic, that means allergen free to all you non allergy sufferers. No: Gluten, Soy, Eggs, Dairy, Sesame, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish. And no it isn’t packaged on shared equipment.
  • It is low glycemic index, meaning it is safe for anyone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic.
  • It is vegan, because people who don’t want to eat animal products should have good nutrition options too.
  • It is low fodmap, so if you have a sensitive digestion system not to worry we got you covered.
  • It is made with certified organic and certified fair-trade ingredients, because caring about where your food comes from matters.
  • It tastes good, because if it didn’t we wouldn’t want to drink it.
  • It has all of the essential vitamins & minerals you need and it has 100% of your daily vitamins in the right forms; because honestly we know you don’t eat nearly as well as you tell people you do.
  • It has the right macronutrient balance to act as a low calorie meal replacer to help you lose or maintain weight. For all our heavyweights who are chasing those gains, add it in as a pre-workout or snack, its got the right balance of micronutrients to let you train harder and give you a faster recovery after.

Most importantly, it is the most comprehensive total metabolic support (that is all life functions for you non-science people) supplement on the market, vegan or otherwise.

If you don’t believe our obviously non-biased hype team that wrote this page,  read the reviews and talk to the literally hundreds of doctors, nutritionists and wellness professionals who carry our product and promote it to their patients and clients.

#1 Question, Why Potential Power Nutrition?

Because everyone of us has the potential to the best versions of ourselves we can be and we wanted to give people an easy way to get there. It’s great to say that you just need to wake up at 5 am to do 100 crunches and 60 squats and 50 barbell curls, but we know not everyone is there yet. We bring you products that are effective and easy to use, so you can start your journey to being the best version of you without pushing yourself to the breaking point and then putting off your fitness goals until next January. We all have the potential to have our bodies function at peak performance and at PPN we give you the products to get you there. Go on over to the OUR FOUNDER page to check out the total baddy of a Boomer who is going to have you saying “Ok Boomer” in an unironic way.