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Why am I putting this in my body?

Breakfast Blend

We know most people don’t eat a balanced diet every day, and rather than spending the time to ensure we get a good balance or take multiple supplements to make sure we are getting enough of the essential vitamins & minerals, we decided to simplify.

Breakfast Blend provides total metabolic support to give your body everything it needs in the right forms and the right quantities, so you meet your nutritional goals without going over and risk negative side effects related to over supplementation.


What is “total metabolic support”?

Let’s use a car as the example.


Exterior Appearance

This is the mirrors and the paint. For our body, it is the skin, hair, and nails, much like the mirrors and paint without the underlying structure these don’t seem that important. That is exactly how your body processes nutrients, when you’re in a nutritional deficit, nutrition meant for your skin, hair and nails is diverted to other more critical parts of your body. But much like a car with scratched paint or a broken mirror, any problems with our skin, hair and nails jump right out to us and we want to ensure they are taken care of and look as healthy as possible. You may be familiar with all of the “Hair, Skin & Nails” supplements on the market, these are often loaded with hundreds or even thousands of times the daily value for Biotin, Collagen, Keratin and vitamin C. These are all critical nutrients, but without adding a comprehensive blend of supplements to support the underlying structure, more won’t make any difference. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure adequate supplementation.

The number one benefit people mention is their hair, skin, and nails are healthier!

Frame, Body & Wheels

That is what allows the car to move. For our body that is bone, muscle, and connective tissue. The major building block is protein, and the recommended amount of protein is 20-30 grams per meal. We have 24, the perfect balance to act as either a low-calorie meal replacer or a pre or post workout snack. To build bone you also need Calcium, Vitamin D (133% since we are all inside more) and Vitamin K (100%) and to build bone, muscle, tendons, and cartilage you also need Vitamin C (100%).

A commonly reported benefit is feeling stronger and having a faster post-workout recovery!


That is what lets the car run. For our body that is the mitochondria (the heart has the most mitochondria per unit of tissue in the body, followed by nerve, muscle, and skin). For the mitochondria to work they need all the B vitamins; Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, folate, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, and the minerals iodine, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and manganese. We have 100% of all the B vitamins and we have them in the right form for absorption and function. We have the right forms of the essential minerals, in balanced amounts so whatever your diet you get enough without having a lot of excess.

Everyone reports feeling more energy!


That is the gasoline (or electricity for you plug-in drivers). For our body that is carbohydrates and fats. We have the right balance of simple carbohydrate, complex carbohydrate, and fiber for stable absorption into the muscle so that it can be burned in the mitochondria. We add a balanced amount of cane sugar to give you a boost while your body digests the complex carbohydrates and fat. Without good carbohydrates or enough of them, the body can’t make insulin and the fuel cannot enter the muscle, that is like having no gas in the tank. Cinnamon and chromium help insulin work at its best to keep your blood sugar levels stable and keep you feeling full, that’s why we added them.

The majority report feeling more satisfied and having less snack cravings!

Oil & Maintenance

To keep the engine running clean, for our body that is the antioxidants, Vitamins A and E and the herbs, Turmeric and Ginger. These vitamins and herbs help reduce inflammation and decrease risk of inflammation linked chronic diseases, like heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. You may wonder why we only added 40% of the RDA for vitamin A, it is commonly found in most diets and long term overabsorption (above 200% of the RDA) can lead to bone demineralization and osteoporosis. We also added molybdenum, to help break down drugs and toxic substances so you can remove them from the body.

A commonly reported benefit is less stomach and intestinal discomfort, less joint pain, and improved mobility! Another related benefit, helping you feel better in the morning after a party, if you catch our meaning.